1478 Clubhouse drive
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This luxurious home, spanning over 3,100 square feet on two levels, is located in a serene neighborhood only 1 mile from the Steamboat Ski Area. The property is within walking distance to the free bus stop and Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course, close to the shops, restaurants and to the hospital. Home is designed with vaulted ceilings, an open floor plan, and a deck with unobstructed ski area and valley views. On the lower level, there is a laundry room, family room, two bedrooms, and one bathroom. On the upper level, there is a spacious family room with vaulted ceilings, a master suite, a kitchen with a pantry, a powder room, and an additional bedroom with a bathroom that captures southern view and can double as a home office. A heated 2 car garage with an additional storage room, provides plenty of space for all gear.

Home has slab on grade lower level. For greater energy efficiency and comfort, closed cell spray foam is used to insulate the slab. We have used same method on some interior walls and all of the ceilings. Spray foams are typically environmentally not friendly products, but Accurate Insulations is using foam with a blowing agent with very low ozone depleting potential. Besides having excellent insulating value, closed cell foams are class I vapor retarders and they do excellent job in sealing air leaks. This has been proven true when ACH50 blower door test was performed with leakage rate of 1.86 air changes (considerably lower than code requirement of 3 air changes). To further enhance energy efficiency zip-R sheeting has been specified on this project. Zip-R sheeting comes with a 1" layer of foam providing a continuous insulation.

Framing is typical 2x6 wood framing with studs being 16" o.c. To allow for all mechanicals we have opted for the 24" floor trusses. Floor trusses have web-like design that allows easy installation of all mechanical, plumbing and electrical components with no drilling across the floor joists. Large openings in the webs provide ample space for all ductwork.

In order to follow latest trends and recommendations regarding energy efficiency we have opted for a hybrid heating system also known as dual fuel system. Instead of opting for A/C compressor, we have upgraded it for the heat pump. Heat pumps can allow for both heating and cooling. When cooling they operate exactly like typical A/C system will operate and cold air is distributed through the central air duct system inside the home. When heat is called for, refrigerant flow in the heat pump is reversed and instead of cooling duct coils start to heat air in the central air system. This system allows for high efficiency, averaging at just over 400%. Downside of the system is that it efficiency drops when temperature drops and due to its size it can not produce enough heat to maintain interior temperature below 32F. Instead of opting for a larger system that will still struggle on coldest nights (because you need heat all days not just most of the time) we have supplemented heat pump with a natural gas furnace. When additional heat is needed furnace will fire up and help maintain desired interior temperature. Multiple zones allow for more uniform heating and cooling. Ductwork has been coupled with large, 4" MERV11 filter that helps filter out allergens from the air. Ventilation is provided through Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). This ventilator comes with controller that allows for low speed, high speed and 20 minutes on/40 minutes off mode and is occupant selectable. HRV in this installation connects to the central air ducting system and replaces some of the interior air with fresh exterior air. While doing so, both air flows run through heat exchanger where heat from interior air is used to preheat fresh air entering the home.

All of the lighting is provided using energy efficient LED lights and light bulbs and electric vehicle charging outlet is provided in the garage. To minimize risk of shrinkage, engineered hardwood flooring has been used in the living/kitchen area. This wide plank flooring on top of the plywood base offers excellent resistance to dimensional changes when compared to sawn hardwood.

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